We build strong relationships so we can deliver your projects – on quality, on time and on budget. We tick all the boxes, solve your problems and get the job done.

As commercial landscape construction specialists, the way we work with clients, sub-contractors and suppliers is key to how we build value into every project. Because we take the time and get to know our contacts, our service to you is more personal and customised to your exact needs.

Nurturing long-term relationships based on honest communication and professional respect means we can offer you competitive pricing and total certainty about results.

Personal service remains our trademark, even when we scale up for larger projects.

We have a fleet of landscaping equipment and machinery, and a talented team of landscapers and specialist contractors who we deploy from our base in Bannockburn, near Geelong, to project sites across Victoria.

Our services and skills span the full life cycle of commercial landscape construction including:

  • project planning, costing, tendering
  • project management
  • people management – our team plus specialist sub-contractors, as required
  • ordering and coordination of materials
  • site set-up
  • construction, across all elements
  • project documentation
  • ongoing landscape maintenance

Ticking the boxes

Greater Scapes is committed to safety, quality and community. As our project partner, you have peace of mind knowing our delivery is underpinned with checks and balances that keep all the boxes ticked.

For every project, we put in place comprehensive health and safety systems, quality tracking systems and environmental management plans. We know when to escalate problems and always work with you to resolve issues fast and keep your project on track for hassle-free completion.